Debt Collection Defense

You probably know by now that making minimum payments in credit card debts is not an ultimate solution to get out of the debts. Unless you convince yourself that your income will increase or inherit some assets in a near future, it will be very hard to manage the debts owed to the creditors or debt collectors. 

These days, hundreds of thousands of consumers are looking for debt settlement companies to consolidate the debts and to protect you and your family's wellbeing from vicious collection attempts. Unfortunately the creditors and the debt collectors also have their own legal rights and are obliged to obey the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, which is supposedly to protect the debtors and sometimes annoy the debtors until they collect the money you owed. So long as they abide by the act, they can push you to the end until they get the money.

Your legal right in debt collection defense is the fair procedure, starting from denying or admitting such debts. You can always ask for the account verification. If you admit the fact that you owe something, then the next step would be the negotiation for settlement to avoid any civil judgment. Negotiation sometimes sounds too easy and simple and many debtors gave up thinking they already tried negotiations by talking to the customer service and were denied. So hiring someone else would be just wasting time and money, assuming s/he would do the same - calling the creditor/debt collector, discussing the account, and being refused for settlement negotiation. However, you should realize that negotiation is not a simple and easy process but a very complicated and highly well-structured tactic being called for. As a rule of thumb, you should convince the creditor/debt collector why it is beneficial for them to negotiate the debts for less money. 

CHANG LAW OFFICE has successfully represented numerous clients in debt collection defense by reaching to successful settlement agreement or getting a discharge order from a bankruptcy court. It has experienced and established a reputation on the frank-tactic to expedite the settlement procedure. When you come for initial consultation, you will spend substantial time with a lawyer to figure out your available legal options in a practical manner. Sometimes clients are straightly advised to prepare a bankruptcy filing; some are advised to settle the debts. Sounds simple but it is very complicated not to waste your hard earned money for nothing or in vain. Its goal is to educate the debtors by giving them legal options and try under their budget - income and inheritance, etc. The lawyer takes care of the clients as if you are his/her family members - do spend time and money wisely. 

CHANG LAW OFFICE is a law firm with of-counsel attorneys who will vigorously and diligently protect your rights and advocate for you. It has helped hundreds of people that have experienced legal difficulties to get relief and put their lives back on track. Please take advantage from the quality consultation. The lawyer cannot stop raining and lift up the fog from you but can navigate you to your destiny as a loyal navigator despite severe weather condition hanging over you.