Personal Injury & Automobile Accident; Insurance Claim

Personal Injury & Automobile accident happen every day and every where in Massachusetts and New York while commute or travel as well as in other states of New England area. If you are looking for a legal assistance in dealing with your claim against an insurance company or a person at fault, we can take care of you and your claim.

CHANG LAW OFFICE handle personal injury & automobile accident; insurance claim as one of major practice areas to secure the injured client's legal right. Most of all, you should get a medical attention to your injury when you are involved in personal injury or automobile accident. 

Then the claim is made only when the gross injury equals up to or more than $2,000 as we are in "no-fault" jurisdiction. From experience, if you were taken via ambulance to an emergency room at the scene or pain develops in a day or two from the date of accident and you suffer from the accident and receive medical treatment, usually this threshold test is satisfied.

Regardless the seriousness of the injury either severe fracture or soft tissue injury, CHANG LAW OFFICE is always willing to assist those injured to settle the claim so long as the injured has a will to recover from the injury.